Subaru Forester vs Honda CR-V

Compare the Subaru Forester

If you're in the market for a crossover in Norwalk, you have a lot of boxes to check on your shopping list, from safety and capability to comfort and utility. You need your car to handle anything and everything that your life throws its way, so it only makes sense that your next crossover purchase would be one that you research heavily. Along the way towards making a buying decision, you're sure to compare various models.

One that we often hear that people have considered before deciding on the Subaru Forester is the Honda CR-V. How do these two crossovers compare? Take a look at our comparison below, and when you're ready to get behind the wheel of the Forester, simply come see us. We'll gladly set you up for a test drive in the greater Stamford area. 

Forester vs. Honda CR-V

  • Starting at $22,395, the Subaru Forester is more affordable than the Honda CR-V, which starts at $23,745.

  • Want all-wheel drive? It's standard on the Subaru Forester, giving the peace of mind you deserve. Be prepared, however, to add even more onto the already higher price of the Honda CR-V if you want it; it's not standard.
  • The Subaru Forester's maximum cargo capacity of 74.7 cubic feet is greater than the Honda CR-V's available 70.9 cubic feet of cargo room, giving you more room to store your important belongings.
  • With 108.3 cubic feet of interior passenger volume, you have more space to stretch than in the Honda CR-V, which features only 104.1 cubic feet of passenger room.
  • The CR-V's base engine may be more powerful than the Forester, but it's also the only one Honda offers. The Forester gives you the option to step up to a much more powerful 250-horsepower engine if you're commute needs an extra kick of performance; no such option exists on the CR-V.